Les formalités d'admission au Syndicat National des Antiquaires sont régies par l'article 3 des statuts :

ARTICLE 3: Conditions concerning admission of members:

Membership in the Association may be extended to any individual who is a dealer of fine art objets or collector’s items, furniture, old or modern paintings, curiosities or related branches, to the exclusion of public auction companies and their employees.

An individual may become a member as an individual or as a representative of an entity if he makes a request to this effect, on condition :

- that this person has exercised responsibilities in the profession as his main activity for at least five (5) years and has exercised them honourably.

- he has not been deprived of his civil rights;

- he is sponsored by two members of the Association not sitting on the Board of Directors, at least one of whom works in the applicant's speciality, who shall have to sign his membership application form and guarantee his trustworthiness and his professional knowledge and skills;

- he undertakes:

. to sign the text of the practices and customs of the profession established by the Syndicat National des Antiquaires;

. to pay the annual dues.

The Board of Directors is to make a decision on admission of the new member.  The board's decision does not have to give reasons, and is not subject to appeal. 

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